Our student hall of residence

The harmonious living together of Austrian and international students from various countries provides the perfect basis for a student’s daily life. We are situated very close to the city center and the University of Technology, as well as the city park and the Mur river promenade.

The small, 22 – bed hall of residence provides a family like atmosphere. We are able to offer private single rooms and more affordable twin rooms to our tenants. The rooms are functional and well appointed, as all of the listed devices and services are part of the respective rooms and included in each standard rental contract:

  • bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, writing desk, chair, roller box, wardrobe, wall shelf, roller blinds, trash can
  • fridge
  • mirror, towel rail, sink, water tap (with drinkable water)
  • electricity, lighting and broadband internet access (including wifi)
  • thermostate – controlled heating
  • bed linen can be borrowed from dormitory management (for a one-off fee, see FAQ)

In 2015, all shared areas were refurbished. One floor consists of 8 rooms described as above, as well as the kitchen, toilets and showers rooms as described below. Our cleaning service takes care of the shared areas on a weekly basis. The shower rooms are empty per default, so each resident has to take their personal belongings to their rooms, leaving the shower room “ready to go”.

The following rooms and devices are provided for:

  • 2 ceramic hobs with 4 hot plates each
  • oven and microwave oven
  • dining area with SAT-TV
  • additional personal storage space for kitchenware in the kitchen
  • washing machine (+ € 0,50 per 50 minutes of washing) and tumble dryer (free of charge)
  • 2 separate shower rooms with underfloor heating
  • 3 separate toilet rooms