Rules for our dormitories

First move into the hall of residence

  • The official residential registration form will be handed out by the dorm after moving in. It has to be filled in within 3 days and handed in to the registration office
  • Information and form: registration form
  • The nearest service centre is in the municipal office building (Amtshaus), 8010 Graz, Schmiedgasse 26.
  • Application for registration certificate and certification of permanent residence for EU citizens and Swiss citizens: Registration certificate


  • The cleaner only cleans the shared space (toilets, showers, kitchen, a.s.o)
  • When using coffee machines, a non-combustible base (e.g. tiles) must be used. Cooking in the rooms is not permitted!
  • Please open the window several times a day, to avoid mould formation. Having the window permanently open a crack, is not permitted in cold weather. >Enormous heat loss > high heating costs > higher rents. Please help to save energy!!


  • You must buy the crockery and food yourself. Using it from another cupboard requires the permission of that housemate!
  • The crockery must be washed up after eating at the latest. Otherwise it will be placed in the black box.
  • Food remnants in the drain must be disposed of in the rubbish bin.
  • The work surfaces and the sink must be cleaned after use.
  • Waste separation is a requirement: paper, plastic, metal, glass and organic waste. Press everything together apart from glass > more space in the container.

Washing machine/dryer

  • Washing machine: minimum insertion € 1 (2 x 0.50), machine only accepts €0.50.
  • The use of the dryer is free. The lint filter must always be cleaned out on use.
  • Add tabs (located on the dryer) to the washing detergent for every wash. The tabs are not washing detergent!!! They serve to soften the water and protect the washing and the washing machine.